Care Sheet

Now that you have decided to get a pet scorpion it’s time to acquire all the supplies you will need to house him and create a proper habitat. You should have your pet’s new cage ready before you bring him home.

Below is a list of the supplies that will be needed. This is a general care sheet. For more information on a specific species there is a list of popular pet scorpions in the navigation menu.

You will need a locking screen top tank. A 5 -10 gallon tank is fine for one or two scorpions. A 15-20 gallon tank will be needed if keeping a communal colony.

For tropical scorpions you will need Eco-earth, bed-a-beast, or similar substrate. For desert scorpions you may use commercial play sand as a substrate.

A hide area. Driftwood and logs available at most pet stores work well for this.

A shallow water dish.

Optional decorations available at pet stores may be added to the cage if you desire to make it a more attractive and natural looking habitat.

An under-the-tank heat pad should be provided on one side of the tank.

Specific lighting is not required for scorpions because they are nocturnal. A light can be used to create a day and night cycle.

Gut loaded crickets and other insects for feeding.

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