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Feeding scorpions in captivity is simple. A healthy scorpion will eat almost anything small enough for it to grab.

Gut loaded crickets and mealworms are an ideal source of food. They are readily available at pet stores and online and are inexpensive. Gut loading is the process of keeping the insects well fed so they pass along additional nutrients to your pet.

You should feed your pet every few days to a week. If you have a communal tank make sure you provide enough prey for everyone to eat. If everyone is happy and well fed the chances of fighting or cannibalism is reduced.

The amount of food in the scorpion’s diet should be monitored to ensure a healthy pet. A healthy scorpion is not too skinny or overly fat.

The age of the animal is also a factor in how much it will eat. Young scorpions will eat almost continuously, since they are growing rapidly.

Sometimes a pet will refuse to eat for long periods of time. Do not be alarmed. Healthy adult males have been known to take long fasts lasting months.

A shallow, sturdy water dish should be provided. If you have a communal colony it is a good idea to provide more than one water dish. The dish should be no more than half an inch deep. Fresh water should be provided daily and the bowl cleaned regularly.

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