As a scorpion grows his hard exoskeleton becomes too small for his body and he must grow a new one. The new outer skeleton forms beneath the current one.

The process of replacing the exoskeleton is called molting. It is a stressful process for the scorpion that can take up to twelve hours and requires a lot of energy.

Right before a molt, a scorpion will go into hiding for a few days and refuse food. Like a spider, a scorpion will shed his old skin leaving behind a translucent replica of itself.

The newly molted scorpion will be white and extremely soft bodied. When in this stage he is extremely vulnerable.

Try not to disturb your pet until his new exoskeleton hardens. If you have a communal tank, pay close attention to the newly molted scorpion so it is not injured.

A scorpion will molt an average of six times before reaching adulthood. Once full grown, he will no longer molt. Depending on the species, a scorpion reaches adulthood between six months to seven years of age.

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