Tank & Habitat

When setting up you new scorpion’s home security is a big issue to keep in mind. Scorpions are very adept at squeezing through small openings, agile enough to climb over objects, and strong enough to lift tops.

A terrarium or fish tank with a locking screen top is the best place to house your pet. It will also prevent other pets from getting to your scorpion and possibly injuring it. Scorpions are good climbers so when you open your tank’s lid make sure you are aware of where your pet is located.

A 10 gallon tank is the ideal size for one or two scorpions. If you are going to have a communal habitat with multiple scorpions a 15-20 gallon tank is what you need. Remember, even though some species, like the emperor scorpion, can have multiple tank mates, cannibalism is always a concern.

Heat & Light
An under the tank heat pad should be provided on one side of your tank. This creates a temperature gradient for your pet. The optimum temperature for desert and tropical scorpions is between 75-90* F.

They are nocturnal and do not require special lighting, but under a black light scorpions will appear fluorescent. Please note, the ultraviolet light from a black light may be harmful to scorpions and is not recommended.

Substrate & Decor
You should provide 3-5 inches of bedding on the bottom of the tank for the scorpions to burrow. Substrates are quite different for tropical and desert scorpions.

Tropical scorpions require a damp substrate to burrow in and high humidity. Sterilized potting soil, Eco earth or bed-a-beast are good choices for tropical scorpions. Commercial bags of play sand can be used as bedding for desert scorpions.

A shallow water dish should be provided and a hide area is also required for your habitat. If you have more than one scorpion in an enclosure, multiple hide areas should be provided. Driftwood and logs that are readily available at pet stores make excellent hide areas. You may add decorations to the habitat at your own discretion, but they are not required.

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