Asian Forest Scorpions

The Asian forest scorpion’s native habitat ranges from India to Malaysia. It is a large, stocky, heavy, black scorpion that may grow up to five inches in length.

They primarily live on the surface under rocks and logs, but do occasionally burrow. They look very much like emperor scorpions and are sometimes mistakenly sold as such in pet stores.

The forest scorpion is more aggressive than the emperor scorpion. They can be kept in groups, but it is not recommended due to their aggressive nature. They will assume a defensive posture more easily and are more likely to protect themselves with their pincers.

The venom from an Asian forest scorpion’s sting is mild. They are a very common scorpion kept as a pet.

Care Sheet
A ten gallon aquarium or terrarium is required with an under-tank heat pad on one side of the tank. The habitat needs a shallow water dish as well as a hiding area. If multiple scorpions are in a tank, multiple hide areas should be provided.

The substrate should be 3-4 inches deep. Eco-earth is good commercially available bedding. The scorpion’s diet is easily maintained with gut-loaded crickets or mealworms.

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